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Posted - 12/25/2007 :  08:27:21  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi to everyone:

I would like to share my experiences with this "universal programmer", it's a shame that i haven't entered this forum PRIOR to my purchase of the TOP2007 programmer, because i'm reading that other users are having the same problems as I do.

First of all I want to say that MCUMALL sent the unit correctly and perfectly packed I don´t have any complaints about the shipment but I think should seriously consider not selling this product anymore, i understand that this product is made in China and McuMall only resells it.

I installed the programmer and ran the application (version 3.12 of TopWin over WinXP dual core Pentium), self testing OK (it gave me a 10 power level with the provided external power supply), took one of my INTEL 27256 EPROMs (I have plenty of them and they proved to program OK in other system) and after checking that it was erased, i tried to program a previously filled with 00 buffer, almost immediately i got "000375:Error! (file=00,chip=ff)", I tried to read it back and to my surprise the read info changed slightly every time I pressed the read button !!! that's completely unacceptable !!!. I did the same with other EPROMS and the error was the same, tried with different data, different EPROM type and the error was the same, only different memory locations and data.

You may think the Vpp was not correct but they are INTEL EPROMs and some of them clearly say PGM@12,7V in the ceramic package. That was the first thing i checked of course!!, moreover, prior EPROMS program at different Vpp levels but 27256 was the first EPROM that was built to be programmed only with 12,7 V as you can see in the device list, so there is NO error in the device setting.

At one time in my career i was involved in the development of an EPROM programmer so I know what to expect in the different chip pins as the programing is taking course. so i decided to check signal levels with my oscilloscope, specially Vpp. I filled the buffer with FF and tried to program a blank EPROM just to check the signals. I must say that all the pin signals where very clean, even Vpp had a 12,7 volt value during the programming !!. This was the only case in which the programmer worked OK, that is not programming nothing at all !!!.

Of course I couldn't check timing but after this test I must conclude that there might be a timing problem due to a software bug.

I must say that later I tried to program a SST 39512 EEPROM and i didn't find any problem at all. It erased and programmed several different buffers with no problem at all.

Finally tried with an 87C52 MCU and didn't want to continue testing as different data was read every time i pressed the read button, this is definitely a not reliable product and is not suitable for developing anything.

I must say that is very frustrating when you buy something and after all the expectancy you discover that the product doesn't work. I know that this programmer is made in China but this is not an excuse to deploy an AWFUL translation to English, some fonts are in one size, some in other, download the software and install it to see it for yourself. It is clear to me that very poor effort was put in the details of this application. For example, when programming an EPROM you have the option of choosing up to 5 speeds, (by the way the slower is called "Slowness") this is completely unuseful !!! this is not a car !!! as far as i remember there is a 50ms pulse for each location that can be reduced to 1ms using the INTEL 'Intelligent Programming Algorithm' and that's all, but even worst is that none of this options work, that is the programming speed is the same whatever option you choose !!! , as i use to say: it takes more effort to do things bad than to do them good.

So, ¿where is the support past the point of "i think is a hardware/timing/software problem" ? I'm afraid that is nonexistent...
It is said that you get what you paid for but i specifically chose this programmer because it was assuming that because it was the more expensive of all models offered at mcumall it would be the safer option but i clearly made a mistake with this purchase. I finally conclude that is another piece of crappy chinese technology.

Thanks to everyone for reading this long post,

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Posted - 12/25/2007 :  13:28:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Tend to agree with the crappy chinese technology, however, mine is more direced at the software, not completely tested and not conforming to acceptable standards, notably the lack of proper english, spelling and grammar. Of course not all components test correctly (at least in the ttl range I have tested).

At the same time some 30 to 40 years ago we complained about shoddy made in japan, things have improved somewhat with their products.

Perhaps once the people are free of polictical control, and are allowed to produce quality products with the full benefits of freedoms and bonuses without social equality, then perhaps they will be much more competitive, productive and happy to put pride in their work.

We shall see.
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Posted - 12/26/2007 :  06:01:54  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Same here, but i use a top2049.

First, there was some problem with different eproms, pics an flash memory.
I try something to fix the problems, news software, old software, but the top programmer doesnt write/read all chips.

One day later the new programmer(it was not from mcumall) is broken and has no function, so i must send it to hong kong. :(

Today i have a galep4 from conitec. Ok, it cost some $, but it works perfect, no problems like the top programmer.
I never buy a top programmer again, also the willem programmer works better ->
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Posted - 12/26/2007 :  21:47:11  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, All,

thanks for all input about the TOP programmer. Those feedbacks are valuable to reflect the improvement opportunity areas for TOP product.

MCUmall as a re-seller of TOP, always do the best to let product work for customer applications. MCUmall also reported those hardware/software bugs to manufacture. However, those bugs seems not be fixed quickly by TOP. Most of software function bugs are introduced after they introduced the new product : TOP2005+, TOP2007, TOP2049.

However, this is an individual event related to TOP products, not all low cost programmers from China are bad. We have very good customer feedbacks on EasyPRO/SmartPRO series. The new Wellon series does not receive many feedbacks yet but seems works fine .

As the mission of MCUmall, we will continually do our best to provide the cost-for-value programmer products to all customers and help to improve the programmer products. MCUmall also has the return policy for those defective programmers from us.
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Posted - 12/27/2007 :  01:47:39  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
TOP2007 can't connect to pc with Windows98 and Xp.
Use power supply DC 5 Volt.
But still unconnect and request DC 5 Volt supply!!!

s/n TOP2007:

Edited by - bram380 on 01/04/2008 17:43:32
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Posted - 01/05/2008 :  09:31:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sometime the software does not detect the power adapter. Restart the software again. If it is never detected the power adapter, then the programemr may be problem.
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Posted - 01/21/2008 :  10:20:57  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
get one positive feedback on TOP2049.
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Posted - 01/28/2008 :  12:12:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Forget the Top Programmer!

If you are a home flasher try a Willem Programmer, if you need more try a Galep4 or 5.

I now use a Galep 4, i get it for 200$ on Ebay and it is perfect.
No Problems with any chip, all mount a software update with new chips and and and.

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Posted - 02/17/2008 :  04:42:10  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
hi to everyone !
i buy lest week a "top 2007" and i canot read 93c46
somebody can help me
i need the scheme between the programer to the cilps
i dont now were to put the socet on the zif
best regards!!
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Posted - 08/27/2009 :  22:41:50  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 08/29/2009 :  02:47:46  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
you all seem not to read the posts ive made about
changing the config file and adding the correct voltage directives there

or most often things like eporms and some mcu wont flash or read

read my posts about this instead of slagging a product
without a real grasp yourself of what is going on in its software

this config problem is common to every single top programmer
and is a known issue to me for about 8months

so read the topic i made and took my time to post about


i can assure you every ic i tried so far has sucessfully read programmed and varified

there is no issues with there firmware
appart from some people report dryjoints etc
this is no big deal and is worth checking if after
adding a vcc=6250 etc directive you still get issues

please read the topic i posted first before you tear your hair out
and what is a good product
too bits ....

machine toshiba equium laptop usb only type
p5b asus main machine
thinking of adding dual lpt pci card
both used for top and lpt via usb where i can

old p2 programming grumbling tank with xp sp3 for true serial and lpt

all machines bios set to enable bios plug and play aware o/s and lpt spollers services and drivers removed
legacy detection enabled
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