About Us

Registered Company in Canada & in the device programmer area business for more than 10 years. - The Developer of the Very First USB Version Willem programmer: hardware GQ-2X & software GQUSBprg - The developer of MCUmall Own Brand GQ: True USB PRO Willem programmer series (both hardware and software): hardware GQ-3X, GQ-4X, software GQUSBprg - The developer of relevant adapters, test clips for MCUmall GQ programmers -Largest online provider for a programmer and relevant products in North America -Widest & most comprehensive programmer product portfolio -Over 100,000 precious customers worldwide -Carry products from hobby level to professional level -Universal programmer brand includes: GQ True USB, Willem, SmartPRO, SuperPRO, EETools, Wellon -Designer & Manufacturer of adapters, PIC programmers and etc.