EMF-390 Multi-Field, Multi-Function 

EMF Meter and RF Spectrum Power Analyzer

EMF-390 multi-function digital EMF meter is designed to be a portable device. It can be used as industrial, commercial maintenance, research, evaluation, simulation and other analytical or scientific applications in areas such as industrial plants, public utilities, universities, laboratories, and electronic repair shops. The device integrated testing features include three-axis Electromagnetic Fields, Electric Field, Radio Frequency and Radio Spectrum Power Analyzer. The meter is able to identify the common source from EMF measured, such as Power Line, WiFi etc. It also comes with the built-in audible and visual alarm. It can be used for EMF, EF, RF and 5G network detection, and monitoring both indoor and outdoor (protected), as well as in other similar environments. It can continually monitor the radiation. When connecting the device to a PC, PC software can download the radiation data to the computer and the user is able to analyze those data later. The device also installed a high contrast black/white LCD module and one front LED indicator.

The built-in electronic gyroscope let a user read the data from upside down view easily.

EMF-390 has onboard flash memory for data logging and saving. The data can be logged every second and can be downloaded into .csv format file with free software EMF-PRO.

GQ RF Browser is specifically designed for Cellphone, Cell Tower, Smart Meter, WiFi RF radiation monitoring. 

Safety suggestion indicator provides a simple and easy way to understand overall radiation risk.

The device is equipped with a USB port, utilized for communication and external power supply/charging of the internal rechargeable Li-Ion 3.6V/3.7V battery. The GQ EMF-390 internal rechargeable battery can be charged with a standard USB port, USB charger or with a computer USB port. Using external power, continuous data monitoring is possible. Using either power adapter you will not have to worry about the batteries charge condition or any data loss. The EMF-390 also has a real time clock on board for time-related data measurement.

The meter installed multiple sensors to ensure maximum scale/range measurement and highest accuracy.

High sensitivity meter lets you check EMF/RF radiation easily. Examples: computer mouse, car remote key, cell phone, cell tower, cordless phone, static electricity, electric field, WiFi, computer laptop, microwave, electric heater, hair dryer, vehicle engine, light, outdoor power line. With RF spectrum power analyzer, you can monitor the WiFi signal power, Smart meter signal power, spy wireless video camera signal, even track radio/TV signal in air.

Model Selection Guide

EMF-360 V2EMF-360 Plus V2EMF-380 V2EMF-390
Three Axis EMFYesYesYesYes
RF RadiationUp to 8GHzUp to 8GHzUp to 8GHzUp to 10GHz
RF Spectrum Power AnalyzerNo2.4GHz-2.5GHz

2.40 to 2.5GHz
240 to 1040MHz
76 to 108MHz

65 to 76MHz

50 to 65MHZ

2.40 to 2.5GHz
240 to 1040MHz
76 to 108MHz

65 to 76MHz

50 to 65MHz

Realtime ClockNoNoYesYes
Data Logging/SavingNoNoNoYes

All you need to detect EMF, ELF, EF and RF radiation

  • All-in-One display lets you see reading from all sensors at once.
  • Advanced features and multi-sensors to ensure the best detection from EMF, EF and RF.
  • Compact design for easy testing and measurement.
  • Safety suggestion lets you understand the current situation instantly.
  • Radiation source recognition provides the fastest way to find out the radiation source.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field)

  • Triple axis (X, Y, Z) up to 150Khz
  • Range: 0.0~500mG
  • Resolution: 0.1/1 mG
  • EF (Electric Field)
  • Range: 0V/m to 1000V/m
  • Resolution: 1 V/m

  • RF Field (Radio Frequency Field)
  • Frequency: up to 10GHz

    RF Spectrum Power Analyzer 
  • Frequency band 1: 50MHz to 65MHz
        Frequency step: 100KHz
        Frequency span: 100KHz

  • Frequency band 2: 65MHz to 76MHz
  •     Frequency step: 100KHz
        Frequency span: 100KHz

  • Frequency band 3: 76MHz to 108MHz
  •     Frequency step: 100KHz
        Frequency span: 100KHz

  • Frequency band 4: 240Mhz to 1040MHz
  •     Frequency step: 1KHz to 10KHz
        Frequency span: 50KHz to 4000KHz

  • Frequency band 5: 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz
  •     Frequency step: 25KHz to 405KHz
        Frequency span: 58KHz to 812KHz

  • Audible alarm: beep/siren
  • Visual alarm: green, red LED
  • Operating temperature & humidity: 5 to 40 degree C, below 80% RH
  • Working Voltage: 3.6-3.7V
  • Display: LCD dot matrix, back lighted
  • Power Consumption: 25mW to 125mW (backlight dependant)
  • Power: Supply 3.7V Li-Ion battery / USB power
  • Dimensions 135 x 78 x 25 mm (5.25'x 3' x 1')

  • Auto Identify the EMF Radiation Possible Source GQ EMF Meter is capable to identify the common possible EMF radiation source once it collected valid data from the source. The common sources include Power Line, WiFi, Microwave, static electricity, AC EF (AC voltage Electric Field) etc. It also can provide detailed information of the source. Such as power and approximate frequency.

    Open Communication Protocol

    GQ EMF Meter provides an open GQ RFC1701 communication protocol for easier system integration. A user is able to send the command to operate the meter remotely. See the software download section for detailed GQ RFC1701 protocol.

    GQ EMF-PRO Utility Software
    GQ EMF Meter comes with a free Windows utility software. The user is able to remote control the unit and get the EMF, RF data from the device. It also can save the data into the .csv spreadsheet file. See the software download section for detailed GQ RFC1701 protocol.

    For technical support, please visit our support forum: https://www.gqelectronicsllc.com/forum/default.asp

    GQ EMF-390 1:1 Simulator
    Try the exact user interface demo(simulation) software of GQ EMF Meter before you buy it, please visit GQ Electronics LLC download page. Click here to download

    User Manual/User Guide
    A complete user manual/guide can be downloaded from GQ Electronics download page. Click here to download

    Package List:
    1. GQ EMF meter main unit.
    2. USB cable 
    3. Quick start guide
    4. Download link for a complete user guide in PDF version.

    One year warranty

    EPA EMF Information


    Difference between RF Browser and RF Spectrum Analyzer

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    EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation EMF ELF EF RF detector with data logging

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