• EMF Tester, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector 5HZ—3500MHz

EMF Tester, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector 5HZ—3500MHz 

EM WAVE: EMF-02 Tester is designed to measure the electromagnetic field strength and electric field strength of household appliances such as television, electric fan, etc. The device frequency range 5Hz-3500MHz with the operating temperature 
0-40℃/32-104℉, 45%-80%RH. EMF tester has three color (green, yellow, red) signal indicator, varies according to the signal strength. The tester is installed with alarm where the audible sound will get stronger and the light is turned red from green as the increase of radiation value. 

The device multi measuring mode and specifications :

Electromagnetic field strength measurement 
  • Range: 0.1-199.9mG (0.01-19.99µT)
  • Resolution: 0.1mG (0.01µT)
  • Alarm Threshold: >4.0mG (>0.4µT)
Electric field strength measurement
  • Range: 1-1999V/M
  • Resolution: 1V/M
  • Alarm Threshold: >40V/M
Ambient temperature measurement
  • Range: 0~50℃ (32~122℉)
  • Resolution: 1℃ (℉)
  • Precision: ±1.5℃ (3℉)

Packaging include:
1x EM WAVE EMF Tester unit
1x High quality 9V battery
1x Black protective pouch
1x EMF Tester User Manual 

Make sure to check the device carefully before use. If find any damages or other problems please do not use and contact us.
Do not disassemble the device and change the internal wiring to avoid damage.
Do not store or use in high temperature, and avoid placing at humidity, flammable/explosive environment.

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EMF Tester, Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector 5HZ—3500MHz

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