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MCUmall has been a part of the device programmer industry in 2003. Since that time, MCUmall has been a leader of the ultra low cost device programming tools with super value support services.

MCUmall was the company in the device programmer industry to introduce the ultra low cost affordable True USB Willem programmer series: first is GQ-2X in 2006, GQ-3X in 2007 and GQ-4X in 2008, MCUmall also provides super value online support for global customers.

MCumall gains worldwide stunning reputation. MCUmall has been targeted by device programmer pirates in mainland China & Hong Kong China .

This is a huge problem not only for our company but for those potential customers who are buying an imitation MCUmall product. For the last couple years pirates have been cheating customers by imitating the brand name GQ, unlawfully copying programmers and/or device algorithms software, write up and user manual.

The MCUmall Team has decided to prevent these illegal pirate and unauthorized resellers by posting their names on our website and taking harsh actions against them. Please join our cause by checking with us before purchasing a GQ branded device programmers. Please find the black list we were able to gather:

    Mianland China:
  • Shanghai Jinglong Electronics
  • Shenchen Liyang Welding Equipment Co.
  • Shenzhen Sico Yingda Tech Co. Ltd.

    Hong Kong:
  • USBearth

  • ismet master laptop

MCumall appreciates your consideration for choosing GQ as the best solution for your device programming needs. However, you should avoid buying MCUmall programmers from those illegal pirates from unauthorized seller because of the following reasons:

1) No warranty
2) No after-sales support

Any programmers purchased from MCUmall Pirates are considered as out of warranty and MCUmall holds no responsibility for those illegally sold programmers. This means that if you have a problem with those illegally sold programmers or if you need support with any device on those programmers, you will find no response/support from MCUmall. MCUmall holds the rights to refuse service for any counterfeit programmers. Please be responsible and cautious before buying MCUmall products from mainland China and Hong kong.

To determine a programmer as counterfeit or not, please note the follow:

We only ship from Canada and USA to retail customers and re-sellers. We have no re-seller in China and Hong Kong, all shipment from China and Hong Kong are fake GQ products. All our support from Canada or USA All our programmers have UPS code

If you are already a victim of this piracy actions, and if you fall into this situation unintentionally, please contact with us.

If you doní»t follow any of the conditions above and check with us, MCUmall will not accept responsibility. Doní»t be a victim of piracy!

Attn: MCUmall authorized re-seller MCUmall is aware of unfair market competition and its affects to your customers caused by illegal pirate sales. And MCUmall is committed to stop these illegal activities as soon as possible. MCUmall has been running an extensive search to detect every single illegal reseller in the world. Your contribution by educating your own customers with the post-sales effects is crucial for us ;since most of the buyers who are lured with these seemingly low prices are unaware of what they are buying. Please join our cause by submitting possible illegal distributors that you detect.

Interested in being a distributor? please email to:


Website issues please contact :

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