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GMC-SE Geiger Counter Radiation Detector

·        Personal Nuclear Radiation Detector: This device provides Geiger-Mueller counter functionality, allowing it to indicate the instantaneous flux of radioactive particles. The Geiger Counter measures various types of ionized radiation, including Beta, Gamma, and X-ray nuclear radiation. Designed to be portable, lightweight, and easy to carry, it comes with a handheld design featuring a lanyard and a removable silicone case for drop-proof protection.

·        Measurement Compliance: This product is meticulously designed, developed, and finally assembled in Seattle, USA. It undergoes rigorous quality control measures, and our dedicated team provides pre-sales and post-sales support. The product fully complies with the standards set by the USA NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the US NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission). With excellent accuracy, sensitivity, and ease of calibration, this meter delivers fast results within seconds, enabling prompt actions during hazardous situations.

·        Display/Battery/Sensor: The radiation readings are displayed in real-time on a 128 x 32 dot matrix LCD, providing clear visibility indoors, outdoors, and even under sunlight. The contrast and backlight settings are adjustable to optimize visibility. The device is equipped with a rechargeable and replaceable battery, ensuring a long battery life. It supports type C charging for convenient and fast charging. Additionally, the Geiger-Muller tube can be easily replaced when needed.

·        Easy to Use: To initiate the device, simply press and hold the power-on button for a few seconds, and the screen will instantly display the radiation level. You can switch between different measurement units such as CPM, uSv/h, mR/h, and more by using the up/down key. The main menu offers a range of options, including factory reset, alarm volume control, alarm threshold setting, large font mode for enhanced readability, graphic mode, text mode, graph type selection, graphic zoom functionality, and a swivel display feature for added convenience.

·        Data Handling: The device offers real-time data logging capabilities, allowing you to save data at intervals of every second, minute, or hour in the unit's onboard memory. It supports data upload to global data-sharing platforms. The data recording capability extends up to an impressive 50 years, ensuring long-term storage and analysis. The unit can function as a radiation monitor at a fixed location, enabling you to track radiation changes over time. For continuous monitoring and synchronization, you can connect the device to a PC using the supplied cable, facilitating data transfer and analysis.




GQ GMC-SE Geiger Counter Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter Radiation Dosimeter

The GQ GMC-SE digital Geiger counter is the latest general purpose Geiger Counter. It is developed by GQ Electronics LLC, Seattle, WA USA.

As an enhanced version, it is eligible to be calibrated to the USA NRC and NIST standard. It can be used as general propers nuclear radiation detector, radiation monitor/meter and radiation dosimeter. It has new graphic display, speaker on/off features. It also has unique features, such as, record data first play it back later; open protocol for easy application integration; visualize real-time graph, data logging. Portable and convenient with built-in audible and visual signals, it features automatic data recording. It is able to continually monitor the radiation and log the data each second into internal memory.

When connected to a PC, GQ software can download the radiation history data to the computer and the user is able to analyze those data later. the device uses USB port for communication and power. The internal battery can be charged.


Range of dose rate in µSv/h:

0.00 to 2000.00

Range of dose rate in mR/h:

0.00 to 200.00

Radiation detection:

Beta, Gamma, X-Ray

Maximum Dose Reading:

99,999,999.99 µSv OR 9,999,999.99 mR

On Board Data Logging:

Every Second CPS for 14 days, Every Minute CPM for 2 years, Every Hour ACPM for 50 years

Power Supply:

Removable and Rechargeable Li-ion battery OR USB power from cell phone charger or any USB port


USA NRC regulation 10-CFR-34,10-CFR-35, ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006(R2013), ISO/IEC 17025:2017(E),MIL-I-45208A. and National Institute of Standards and Technology



Free PC software and GMC Map support the following features: downloading history data from PC, generating radioactive decay graphs, accessing downloaded internal memory data on PC, and retrieving online historical data. Free 3rd party software supports Mac.

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